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Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation

When a commercial or employment dispute arises, it can be a stressful and time-consuming issue for a business, particularly if you are not familiar with litigation and courts. Finding good representation as soon as possible can be vital and early intervention can often help avoid lengthy and costly proceedings.

Our dedicated, experienced team are on hand through our local office network to help you on a range of legal litigation and dispute resolution issues, including: applications for review of decisions by public bodies such as public authorities (for houses in multiple occupancy cases), debt collection and payment actions, construction disputes, land disputes, landlord and tenant issues including eviction, and sequestration (having an individual made bankrupt).

At Thorntons, we can offer you full support and advice throughout any dispute and litigation process. Our team will give you an honest and realistic appraisal of a case’s possible outcome and its prospect of success, ensure you know your rights and aim to resolve matters quickly whenever possible. We encourage dispute resolution, and aim to avoid going to court except as a last resort.

With our extensive experience, we work to provide you with a practical, efficient solution, keeping in mind the commercial and practical implications for your business of any decision.