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Dispute Resolution and Claims

Dealing with a dispute can be very stressful – especially if you are not familiar with litigation processes and courts.

When a dispute arises, whether minor or serious, it is vital to find good representation as soon as possible.

Our dedicated, experienced team can offer you full support and advice throughout any dispute and litigation process. It can be a worrying time and we understand that clients may be anxious or worked-up when they initially approach us. We will help put things in perspective, and offer an honest and realistic appraisal of a case’s possible outcome and its prospect of success.

Through our local office network, we are on hand to help you on a range of legal litigation and dispute resolution issues, including: personal injury cases, land disputes, tenant issues including eviction, and sequestration (having an individual made bankrupt).

With our extensive experience, we work to provide every client with a practical, efficient solution. We will ensure you know your rights and aim to resolve matters quickly whenever possible with the minimum amount of distress or conflict. We encourage dispute resolution, and aim to avoid going to court except as a last resort.