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Bank Securities and Finance

Whether you are a landowner, a farmer or a business with rural interests, you may require to borrow money from your bank to fund a purchase of land, to refinance existing debt or to pay for planned capital expenditure. In most cases that will require security to be given over land which you own.

If you are a bank lending money in Scotland to a landowner, farmer or a business with rural interests, you will require security over land owned by your customer.

How can Thorntons help?

At Thorntons, our team of rural law specialists regularly act for landowners and farmers in the preparation of security documentation. This often involves:

  • A review of the titles of the farm or estate to ensure that adequate security is put in place
  • A review of the ownership to ensure that the borrower is the true owner
  • Advice on any third party rights of access and other restrictions on the use of the land
  • Advice on how any security will be affected by any agricultural or other  leases which are in place
  • Advice on how the security may affect or restrict other landowning interests and future plans for the client