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Agriculture and Forestry

With capital taxation reliefs, commercial forestry in Scotland is often seen as an investment opportunity. Whether you are buying commercial or amenity woodland or, as landlord or tenant, you are proposing to enter into a lease of woodland, early legal advice is required to deal with the many issues which should be considered.

How can Thorntons help?

Our Land and Rural Business team is well placed to advise on all aspects of forestry or woodland sale, purchase, timber leases and forestry diversification projects.

The team regularly advises both on windfarms, hydro schemes and other projects which involve forestry property and also the financing of such projects, which may require changes to the underlying title deeds and ownership as well as a new business structure for the diversified business.

If you are an agricultural tenant wishing to diversify into forestry, our Agricultural Law specialists can advise on the requirements of the Agricultural Holdings legislation. If you are an agricultural landlord we can advise you on the rights of the tenant to plant trees on the leased area.

We also advise banks who are lending over forestry.