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As an owner of an estate, an owner occupier or a tenant farmer you will be increasingly aware of environmental legislation enacted in Brussels, Westminster or Holyrood, any of which could affect you or your business.

How can Thorntons help?

Our Land and Rural Business team provides advice on a wide range of environmental issues which may affect the management of your land, including:

  • Nature conservation and designations
  • Wildlife crime
  • Flooding and flood protection
  • Water pollution and sewage disposal
  • Water abstraction
  • Private water supplies
  • Fly tipping and abandoned vehicles
  • Access legislation and the public rights of responsible access
  • Waste and contaminated land
  • Minerals and landfill
  • Freshwater fishing
  • Farm subsidy conditions
  • Muirburn


Working with our Dispute Resolution & Claims team, we can also provide you with the necessary advice if you are faced with inspections or prosecutions for breach of environmental or other legislation.