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Residential Property

The right expert support can make the whole property process quicker and easier for you. Conveyancing is the procedure for transferring ownership or certain rights in property from one person to another and you can, in theory, do it yourself. However, most people want the peace of mind of knowing that all the formalities have been properly dealt with by a solicitor. Also, banks and building societies in most cases now insist on a solicitor dealing with the mortgage.

When it comes to buying and selling a home, remortgaging, transferring ownership or buying for investment, at Thorntons our job is to make the whole process as straightforward and stress free as possible for you. Our property teams have decades of experience, so they understand, and can help you avoid, the pitfalls that can hold up property deals. We work closely with our estate agency teams and external providers like mortgage advisors and surveyors, to bring you a comprehensive and value-for-money service.

We can help you with:

  • Buying and selling a home – including buying a new build, buying or selling at auction, and remortgages
  • Contract and title issues – such as transfers of property equity or ownership, title disputes and property rights
  • Property investment – including buy-to-let and residential property development

We can advise on every property-related situation, whether you are buying, selling, moving in with a new partner or selling the property of a loved one. And give you the right advice for your situation to make sure you are protected now and for the future.

It is important you are fully aware of all the costs involved in your property plans. At the start of the process, we will give you a full quote for our services and let you know the potential additional outlays, such as Land & Buildings Transaction Tax  (the tax levied by the government), land register fees and search fees. 

Contact your local Thorntons office for expert advice on all aspects of property transactions.