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Pricing Information

At Thorntons we recognise that price certainty is important to you. When you instruct us, we will speak with you to understand your individual needs and circumstances.  It is important to recognise that no one size fits all and we will work with you to find a solution that is right for you. 

We will explain what is involved and provide you with a cost or estimate to help you budget, along with details of who will be doing the work. Where possible, we will offer you a choice of pricing and payment options. In some cases we can offer clients a fixed price package. Where we cannot offer a fixed price service we charge based on the time we spend on your case, including meetings, emails, phone calls and court representations. You may also need to cover outlays, such as reports, registration fees, court costs or payments to independent experts. By discussing all of this with you, we will be able to agree a pricing approach which suits you giving you certainty and reassurance.

Thorntons are following The Law Society of Scotland’s guidance to provide price transparency for legal services for individuals.