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Criminal Defence

If you are accused of or charged with a crime, it is important you have strong representation and clear advice at the earliest possible stage. Our expert Criminal Law team are here to help you with any dealings with the criminal justice system, whether you are being interviewed at a police station, or due to go to Court. We will advise you on the best approach, whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty, and help you to understand the process involved.

We normally charge you based on the time that we spend on your case; however, in certain cases, we may be able to offer a fixed fee service. We do not offer legal aid for this service.

In some cases we may be able to negotiate an early resolution to your case, whereas other cases may go as far as a full criminal trial. Our Solicitors will be able to advise you at your initial meeting about the likely process and timescales involved in your case.

We understand that the financial implications of requiring to instruct a Solicitor to represent you in a criminal case can be a worry, at what is already a very difficult and stressful time for you. Every case is unique, so at our initial meeting with you, we will discuss with you our fees and fee arrangements for your case so you are clear on what is involved. 

One of our experienced Solicitors will give you a quotation for the likely costs of the early stages of your case.  In some cases we may be able to offer you a fixed fee service.  For others, we normally charge based on the time that we spend dealing with the case. Our hourly rates (excluding VAT) are: 



Legal Director




Senior Solicitor




Trainee Solicitor


We always ensure that the work is carried out by a team member at a level appropriate for the complexity of the matter, and inform you of any changes to the costs as your case progresses.

Our Criminal Law team have lengthy and extensive experience in representing clients in courts throughout Scotland, and can support and strongly represent your interests throughout the criminal case process. We appreciate this can be a very difficult and stressful time for you, and are on hand to help at every stage of the case, making sure you understand your rights and options and with clear, practical advice and guidance throughout.