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Care Home Planning video transcript

So you're concerned about your house being sold to pay for care costs. That's an entirely understandable situation to be in given the current climate.

Many clients are now asking very similar questions, and we at Thorntons are offering options to allow you to plan for the future. However this area of law is one which is full of many misconceptions. Not least, there is the likelihood of requiring care. It's currently only a one in four chance, and if you don't require care then you could be putting planning in place for a situation which does not occur. The other issue is your house may be the last asset that the local authority look at. They'll look firstly at your income, then at your savings before looking at the house. Equally if you're a husband and wife the house can be completely disregarded if one of you requires to go into a care home. 

So there is no guarantee that you will require care, and there is no guarantee that the local authority would sell the house to be able to pay for care. There are however a number of options that are open to you.

If you'd like to have a chat to discuss your situation and these options then please get in touch using the telephone number or enquiry form on the website.

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