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Trips and Falls

Injuries caused by slips, trips and falls can range from cuts and bruises through to serious injuries that can have a life-changing impact. If you have fallen because of anything from uneven paving to a spillage in your local supermarket, you may be able to claim compensation for your suffering and any resulting financial loss. Slip, trip and fall claims could include compensation to cover the earnings you lost through not working because of your injury or medical treatment costs.

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If you have been injured in a slip, trip or fall that was not your fault, prompt specialist advice can help you find out if you have grounds for a personal injury claim and how to go about claiming.

Types of slip, trip and fall incidents

While there are many different scenarios where you could have a serious slip, trip or fall, there are some common situations where such accidents occur, resulting in injury and a possible compensation claim.

If you are out for an enjoyable meal, potential fall hazards are probably the last thing on your mind, but unfortunately slips, trips and falls in restaurants are common, and can leave people with painful injuries.  Accidents can happen because of issues such as spillages, poorly lit or obstructed spaces, or wet floors.

Restaurants have a responsibility to keep their premises as hazard free as possible for visitors. Such accidents are often avoidable and can be the result of the restaurant’s poor cleaning or maintenance procedures.

If you have been injured because of an accident in a restaurant within the last three years that was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

A shopping trip can be cut short by a nasty slip or fall, and if it was due to a shop’s negligence then you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

Shop owners are required to make sure that their shop is safe for visitors, and this means cleaning up spills in a timely fashion and removing any trip hazards, such as boxes or pallets.  Sadly, accidents like slips, trips and falls happen in supermarkets and shops quite frequently, and can result in serious injuries, including broken bones. These accidents are often the result of the shop’s poor maintenance, inadequate cleaning or poor health and safety practices. 

Uneven or broken pavements can prove a trip hazard. If you are unlucky enough to trip over such pavements and fall it can result in a serious injury.  Our specialist  Personal Injury solicitors will firstly find out who is responsible for the defective paving.  It is likely to be either the local council if you tripped on the public pavement or a private owner, for instance if you fell on paving outside a supermarket. Whoever is responsible, they are under a duty to regularly check and maintain pavements and repair any reported defects quickly. If you have photographs of the area where you fell, that would help us assess whether you have a claim.  

If you have been injured because of poorly maintained or damaged pavement with the last three years, our specialist injury lawyers can advise you if you have a viable claim.

Badly maintained roads, potholes or spillages on the road can often result in trips and falls for crossing pedestrians, as well as proving a danger for cyclists and drivers.  As a pedestrian, you are entitled to expect roads to be in a suitable condition and maintained in a safe manner, and if you have been injured due to poor road conditions then you may have grounds for a compensation claim. 

If you have been injured from tripping or falling because of a pothole, it is likely to be helpful to your case if you can show the extent of the pothole. Take photographs at the scene showing the size and depth of the pothole to demonstrate the hazard. 

Visitors to a shopping centre, supermarket or restaurant could injure themselves by slipping on a wet floor. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that the floor is dried within a reasonable time and that wet floor signs are erected quickly to warn customers of the hazard.  Wet floors can be caused by a variety of scenarios, including spillages, other customers bringing in water when it is raining outside, leaking roofs, leaking freezers or as a residue from cleaning products.  Whatever the cause of the wet floor, if you have slipped and been injured in such a situation then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

The owners of public places such as supermarkets, shops or restaurants are expected to clean up any spillages as soon as possible and staff must check the aisles at regular intervals to check for any slipping hazards. Whether the spillage is caused by staff or other customers, the shop owners must act quickly to make the floors safe for the public as it can be easy for people to slip and injure themselves. We have successfully won hundreds of compensation claims caused by slips and falls from spillages.

Many accidents are caused due to tripping or falling as a result of poor lighting. This can be a potential hazard in many different situations, from your workplace to your local shop, or when strolling along the street. If your accident has been caused by poor or inadequate lighting then it is likely you will have grounds to claim for personal injury. 

Unfortunately, many accidents arising from a slip on ice result in serious injury.  The first thing our specialist Personal Injury solicitors will do is find out who is responsible for the ice hazard.  If you slipped on ice in a public place, then it is likely your claim will be against the local council.  If your slip or fall was in a private car park or within private grounds, then your compensation claim will be against the landowners.  Whoever is responsible, they are under a duty to clear or grit the ice within a reasonable time. 

How can Thorntons help?

Our no win no fee lawyers have been helping people claim compensation for slips, trips and falls for over 20 years, making it easy to claim at no financial risk. We will find out who is responsible for your accident and can advise you within minutes whether or not you have a valid claim. From then on, our Personal Injury Solicitors will work to secure you the compensation you deserve.

You can start your claim today by calling us free on 0800 731 8434 or complete our enquiry form. We will talk through your situation, answer any questions you may have and advise you if you can make a personal injury compensation claim for your slip, trip or fall injury. Our discussion will be confidential and you are under no obligation to make a claim. You can also take a look at our Claims Calculator to find out how much compensation you may be entitled to.