Employer Training and Seminars

Employer Training and Seminars

Keeping up to date with legal developments regarding employment can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially if you are a business owner who would rather focus on growing your business than dealing with employment law red tape.

Employment law is a fast-moving area and, coupled with the significant costs involved if you get it wrong, is something which is far easier and stress-free to get right in the first place. Also, as reports indicate that a happier and more fairly treated workforce is a more productive and successful workforce, making sure you get employment law right within your business can also have a positive impact on your bottom line. This is where effective training and development on current employment laws and their application can prove highly beneficial for your staff and your business.

Training support

Thorntons offers a range of training options on employment law issues, from free updates on legislation changes to tailored in-company courses: 

Seminars and training courses

At Thorntons, we regularly run free seminars that are open to all businesses across Scotland. Through these seminars, we are able to reach a wide range of businesses across a variety of different sectors – both clients and non-clients alike – and provide detailed but easy-to-understand explanations of some of the key employment law developments of the previous six to nine months.

These seminar and training courses are aimed at giving you a rounded update on employment law and legislation and also tips as to what steps your business may wish to take in order to ensure your compliance with the law.

In addition to our general employment law update seminars, we also host a number of seminars dealing with specific employment issues or developments in detail. This again gives you an opportunity to understand how specific changes in employment law may have an impact on your business, the rationale behind certain shifts in employment law and how or when you should consider changing how your business operates to accommodate these developments.

Bespoke courses

If you have any specific employment issues or concerns and would like your HR professionals, senior employees or staff with line management or supervisory responsibilities to receive bespoke training in relation to any area of employment law at your own premises, our Employment Law team can deliver this for you.

Our team have undertaken bespoke training days or events for a wide variety of employers across all sectors and are regularly invited back to provide further training. We have provided bespoke courses dealing with TUPE, absence management, performance issues, workplace investigations, discrimination and much more.

Having such training courses at your premises, in an environment employees are comfortable with and alongside their colleagues, can often help make the relevance of the information to everyday working life clearer and more easily applicable.

How can Thorntons help?

At Thorntons, we run a number of courses, workshops and seminars both for general attendance and bespoke sessions tailored specifically to your business needs and focusing on the issues you are most interested in learning more about. Our bespoke courses can be delivered on-site at your premises or at any of our offices in 10 different locations across Dundee, Angus, Fife, Perth and Edinburgh.  

Our Employment Law Solicitors deliver a wide range of training courses to equip you and your managers with the skills needed – from managing poor performance or absence management through to how to conduct investigations or disciplinary or grievance hearings. We also provide training to reduce the risk of discrimination occurring for employees at all levels.

Our free seminars enable you to keep up to date with the latest employment law developments and also give you an opportunity to meet and network with others in business facing similar issues.

In most employment situations taking legal advice early on can often stop the situation from escalating and will save you time and money later. With our pragmatic business courses, Thorntons Employment Law team can help you and your business keep ahead of potential employment problems. Give one of our team a call on 03330 430 350 , or complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you.

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