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Car and Traffic Accidents video transcript

On our busy roads vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians all try to negotiate the road safely. But it's not surprising that with so much going on sometimes accidents and collisions can happen, and sadly people can be injured.

Often the cause of the road traffic accident is one or more people not paying attention to what's going on or not following the rules of the road, for example someone might pull out of a junction in front of you or they might collide with the rear of your vehicle. If you're an innocent driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist you might have a claim for any injury that you sustain.

We know that being involved in a road traffic accident can be a worrying experience and the injuries that you sustain can range from minor to life-threatening and severe. Being in an accident can have a huge impact on your life, for example if you're not able to return to work this would put a huge financial strain on yourself and your family.

If you've been involved in an accident and it wasn't your fault you might be able to claim for compensation for your injuries and the other losses that you sustained. Our personal injury team will discuss the circumstances of the accident with you, the injuries that you sustained and any other losses that you might have. Every case is individual and we assess each case on a case by case basis to make sure that we are acting in your best interests at all times.

If you'd like to have a no-obligation chat to discuss your situation and the options available to you then please contact us using the telephone number or the enquiry form on our website.

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