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Alasdair Docwra

Consultant | Edinburgh


An experienced family solicitor, Alasdair advises clients on all areas of family law including divorce, dissolution of civil partnerships, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, financial provision on divorce. Alasdair has considerable experience in child law and related matters such as child contact, surrogacy and adoption. He is a trained Collaborative Lawyer and a qualified Family Law Arbitrator. 

Where possible, Alasdair will promote resolution through discussion which will prioritise the interests of any children involved.

Alasdair is a member of Consensus Collaboration Scotland, the Family Law Association and the Family Law Arbitration Group Scotland.

Alasdair Docwra's Blog Entries

The Nest – Fact or Fiction?

Over 5 million people tuned in to watch the series finale of the recent BBC drama, “The Nest”. The series follows the life of a married…

Posted on 11th May 2020

Call to Raise Age of Criminal Responsibility to 12 in England and Wales

At what age should a child be assumed to have criminal responsibility?  In other words, at what age should a child be expected to know what…

Posted on 20th January 2020

The Reform of Surrogacy Law

Solicitors in our Family team have been at the forefront of discussions around the reform of surrogacy law.  International Surrogacy…

Posted on 27th September 2019

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