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Leading Scottish Law Firm Holds Intellectual Property Seminar for Business Owners

Kirsty Stewart Solicitor and Trade Mark Attorney

Brand is crucial to any business owner. Name, logo, symbols, slogan – even colour – can be associated with a brand. It’s vital that assets such as these are protected with a trade mark which provides the legal right to stop others from using a brand that has been developed and invested in.

With so many businesses yet to trade mark their brand, Thorntons Solicitors is hosting a webinar to equip business owners with all the information they need regarding trade marks. On Wednesday 3 November, Legal Director & Trade Mark Attorney Kirsty Stewart will present an hour-long webinar and Q&A, in which she will discuss the power of IP to protect and build a business.

The webinar will be accessible even to beginners, explaining exactly what a trade mark is, and why it is important for business owners to protect their trade marks. Kirsty will outline the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of trade marking, and how unregistered trade mark rights may affect a business.

Kirsty, who heads Thorntons’ in-house trade mark agency, said: “We’re encouraging business owners and entrepreneurs to join us at 9:30am on Wednesday for this masterclass in trade marks. It’s so important that everyone is informed about their rights regarding intellectual property and I’ll be outlining the best ways to protect these assets, and how Thorntons can help.”

For more information on the Intellectual Property webinar and to book your place click here>>

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