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What is the process?

Step 1: Get in touch and discuss your claim

Contact our expert personal injury claims team on 0800 731 8434 or fill in our enquiry form to find out if you can start a compensation claim.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors will discuss with you the circumstances of your accident, including the date your injury occurred, and the impact of your injury on your life. once we know more about your personal injury and the circumstances, we will advise you if you have a valid claim or not. If you do have grounds to claim compensation for your accident, we will then explain, in detail, the process that will follow. From that point on they will be your personal point of contact and are available for you throughout the whole claims process.

Step 2: Start your Personal Injury claim

We will send initial paperwork and verify your identity digitally – this is necessary to proceed with your personal injury claim. If you need assistance we can arrange for a specially trained personal injury agent to meet you across Scotland.

Step 3 : Over to us

We'll build your case by gathering all the information about your claim and any medical evidence and reports needed. This may involve taking witness statements, obtaining police reports and recovering information in relation to any financial losses you may have suffered.

Step 4: Claim submission

We will formally submit the claim on your behalf to the person or organisation that is to blame for your injury.  We handle all contact with the other party and negotiate for compensation on your behalf.

No Win, No Fee, is a way of pursuing a compensation claim with no worries about upfront legal fees. If your case doesn’t win then you don’t pay a penny and there is no financial risk to you. If your claim is settled successfully, our fee is paid out of the compensation amount.

If we cannot reach an appropriate settlement with the insurers, either because any settlement offer is too low or because the insurers do not accept that their insured was at fault, we will discuss your options - including whether to raise court proceedings.

Start your claim today by caling FREE on 0800 731 8434 or complete our enquiry form