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How much can I claim?

Take a look at our Personal Injury Claims Calculator for an indication of what level of compensation you could claim for different injuries.

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What could compensation cover?

Your personal injury claim is made up of different parts which will have a different value.  These are called Heads of Claim:

  • Compensation for your injury, pain and suffering and general disruption to lifestyle, referred to as Solatium 
    There is no fixed tariff for different types of injuries. Each case is individually assessed.
  • Compensation for your financial loss
    Lost earnings/pay will be recovered on your behalf to restore you to the financial position you would have been in had you not been injured as well as any additional costs or expenditure incurred as a consequence of your injury.
  • Compensation for help with daily living activities
    If you required help with activities of daily living then you can recover compensation on behalf of those who helped you.

In serious injury cases, it will be necessary to consider the financial impact of your injury on your ability to work and look after yourself and your family.

Fatal accident cases are complex. Not only has the family suffered the loss of a loved one, the deceased may have supported the family financially which needs to be recognised in the compensation.

Please note the figures quoted are a rough guide to show you the amount you could receive as compensation for your injury. Our solicitors will advise you in more detail about your specific claim.

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