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Did you know that copyright exists in a number of creations? Music, lyrics, books, paintings, photographs, sculptures, buildings, software, computer games – even this website!

Copyright is an automatic right; there is no need to obtain formal registration – as soon as a ‘work’ is created (put into a tangible form), it is protected by copyright.

If you own the copyright in a work, you (or your co-authors if the work was created with someone else) have the right to copy, display, show, rent, or broadcast it. You also have the right to prevent others from copying the work or distributing it without your permission.

How can Thorntons help?

Our Intellectual Property team can help you protect your work from copyright infringements, and make the most of its fee potential.

We assist clients in all aspects of copyright, including identification, enforcement and exploitation. We cover:

  • Licensing – we can work with you to create a licence of the work your business has created, allowing another person or company to use your work in exchange for a licence fee or royalties. However, the ownership of the work will remain with you or your company.
  • Assignation – we can arrange for an assignation of copyright, where, in exchange for a one-off payment, the ownership rights transfer to the assignee.
  • Infringement – we can help with all elements of copyright infringement, and issues surrounding derivative work

Our experienced lawyers deal with copyright issues for a wide variety of clients from the media & creative industries – such as event organisers, musicians and publishers – to clients in other industries, markets and sectors such as life sciences and food. Our in-depth understanding of copyright law means that we can advise you on the best way to protect your valuable creation.