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HSE Releases Annual Report on Health & Safety at Work

HSE Releases Annual Report on Health & Safety at Work

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published its latest annual report on health and safety at work for 2018/2019.

When compared to other large EU economies, the UK has the lowest rate of fatal injuries per 100,000 employees, a fact which is positive and shows that health and safety is something that is taken seriously in the UK. However, 147 workers killed at work is still too high and work needs to continue to reduce that number even further.

Other relevant stats show that :-

  • Almost 600,00 injuries occurred at work
  • Almost 70,000 injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR
  • 1.4 million working people are suffering from a work-related illness

The HSE have continued to prosecute cases (alongside the Crown Office and Prosecution Service in Scotland) with almost one conviction per day achieved in 2018/2019 and fines of almost £55 million being issued.

Many of the accidents at work are avoidable. For example, the most common cause of non-fatal injuries to employees is slips, trips or falls on the same level. Such accidents can often be avoided by keeping floor areas clean and tidy and making sure spillages are cleared up quickly and if appropriate wet floor signage used. Handling, lifting or carrying is the second most common cause. Appropriate training, information and provision of the correct equipment could all help reduce these instances.

Employers must continue to put in place safe systems of work and communicate those to workers. Cutting corners isn’t worth the risk and the UK public should be entitled to wave their loved ones off to work, safe in the knowledge that they will come home from work unharmed. I hope that work continues to be done to help the UK maintain the low rates of fatal injuries and to reduce those rates and the rates of injury further. Every death at work is a tragedy and employers and employees alike must work to reduce these.

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