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Thorntons Trainee Experience

Read what our Trainees have to say about a Thorntons Traineeship.

Nicola McKnight, 2nd Year Trainee

I completed a work experience placement whilst I was at school in a local law firm and found I had a passion for the fast paced, problem solving style of work. I realised I had a passion for interacting with a wide variety of people and assisting them at some of the most important times in their life. I pursued this further by going on to study for my LLB at the University of Stirling, where I was then offered a full scholarship to complete an LLM in International Energy Law.

Thorntons has a reputation for being an ambitious firm that is always trying to improve itself through providing excellent client care and through expansion. It is also a full service firm that offers seats in interesting areas, which is something a trainee might not get elsewhere. Thorntons are dedicated to making sure each trainee seat is tailored towards your interests as well as the business requirements of the firm as a whole.

I enjoy the variety of work I am given and feel proud that I am responsible for files from start to finish, while being supervised by my training partner. I have been given a very “hands on” seat in Residential Conveyancing and I regularly sit in on client meetings where I can watch and listen to the partner work through a transaction with a client and answer any questions.

If I could give one piece of advice it would be to choose to apply to firms that you feel passionate about. If you show passion for the firm in your application then this will shine through.

Cherrisse Sorrie, 2nd Year Trainee

I chose Law as I wanted a career that will always challenge me, take me out of my comfort zone and give me job satisfaction.  Upon leaving school, I raised my family and worked for British Telecom for 13 years.  Once my family were a bit more grown up I started studying my LLB at the University of Abertay.

Thorntons has an enviable reputation for being professional, successful and producing first class trainees and I wanted to be a part of that.

I feel a valued part of the team and love the fact that I have been dealing with clients from day one. I’m currently working in Personal Injury but I love the fact that I will also get the chance to experience areas of law that I may not have previously considered.

The amount of support and training is fantastic. The solicitors are patient, knowledgeable and always willing to help. I feel comfortable asking questions and seeking advice. I meet with my supervising partner once a fortnight and I also have a mentor who I meet with once a month, giving me lots of support all round.

No two days are the same; so for anyone looking for a challenging and varied traineeship, this is the place to be.

Daniel McGinn, 2nd Year Trainee

Before I started my traineeship at Thorntons, I often heard that "no day is ever the same when working in a law firm", and it really is true. I finished school at 17 and knew I wanted to study law. I always wanted to be a solicitor because I wanted a career that would challenge me as well as help others.

I graduated from the University of the Dundee and gained a traineeship with Thorntons in 2014. I sought a traineeship with Thorntons because they are one of the largest and most reputable firms in the North East of Scotland, and also because of the opportunity to gain experience within different legal disciplines. I am keen to extend my knowledge in various fields of the law and knew this would be something I would be afforded the opportunity of at Thorntons.

I am currently in my first seat in Personal Injury. Although I have only been in this seat a few months, I feel I have learnt a great deal already. The people at Thorntons make it a great place to work; having nice colleagues to spend your working day with is just an added bonus. I really have been made to feel part of the team from day one. My colleagues consider tasks for me to do that benefit me and help develop my legal skills and knowledge which I find to be really helpful.

Sarah Matheson, NQ

I studied the LLB (Hons) at the University of Stirling, and then undertook a dual Masters in Law; a LLM in International Commercial Law at the University of Dundee and a LLM in European Law (Business and Legal Ethics) at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, Paris. After completing my Masters, I took time out from studying and returned to complete the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice at the University of Aberdeen.

Thorntons, as a firm, are known for being a very progressive and forward thinking which filters down into their training programme. The firm invests in you for your future, rather than solely for your traineeship and this makes the experience very inspiring. Your learning is ongoing throughout your traineeship which means every day is different and while that can be challenging; you do truly learn something new every day!

The support and training is exceptional and varies in style in each department. In my current seat, I have periodical meetings with my supervising partner and other senior members of staff to talk through progress with cases and I am given support in taking cases forward. It is a very supportive and encouraging environment. The support and training doesn’t just stop within office hours, the trainees are actively encouraged to attend social events with senior members of staff which makes the traineeship well-rounded in your professional development.

Victoria McLaren, NQ

I wanted to study law from an early age so progressed through school with this in mind. After graduating from Edinburgh University, and after some time travelling abroad, I started my Traineeship at Thorntons. I chose Thorntons as I wanted to work for a full service firm where I would get a breadth of experience, but for a firm that still has the friendly feel of a small law firm.

I’ve always enjoyed problem solving and finding solutions to help someone out of a challenging situation. I think law involves a lot of this, as well as negotiation and interpersonal skills.

The Thorntons Traineeship offers a variety of opportunities across the firm. Each seat is like starting a new job – getting to grips with a new work stream and getting to know a new team of people, however the support offered by colleagues and supervising Partners is great, and there is access to lots of training and learning sessions