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New Year’s Resolutions? Try Thorntons’ Training Workshops to Get Your HR House in Order

New Year’s Resolutions? Try Thorntons’ Training Workshops to Get Your HR House in Order

With 2021 thankfully behind us and as we return – slowly – to post-pandemic life both at work and at home, our New Year’s Resolutions for 2022 may be a little more modest. Common personal goals could be to be more health conscious, spend more time with family and friends, or doing some minor home improvement work. But what simple and effective resolutions can HR professionals make to keep their house in order? Our bespoke training webinars offer practical advice to businesses dealing with disciplinary, absence and capability matters, as well as providing tips and guidance on equality and diversity issues. We are offering a discounted rate, for virtual or in-person training events for up to 25 managers, of £750 + VAT for a two-hour session on each of the following topics.

Performance management

Poor performance and employee misconduct can cost your business money in terms of lost productivity and management time. Having proper procedures and management systems in place can help employers handle performance issues that may arise.

Our online training workshops cover the key elements of performance management – from effective performance appraisal and development reviews to a formal performance management process – so you can ensure performance issues are dealt with fairly and effectively.

Sickness absence

The average days lost due to sickness has increased during the pandemic, with shielding and self-isolation placing additional cost burdens on employers both in terms of lost productivity and management time, as well as creating additional workload for employees which can damage moral and lead to stress.

Our seminars set out the different approaches required when dealing with short-term or long-term sickness absence, and as well as addressing questions regarding compliance with equality legislation.

Discipline and grievance procedures

Disciplinary issues should only arise infrequently and with the right procedures in place, you can ensure issues of employee misconduct or grievances are dealt with fairly and promptly.

Our training on handling disciplinary hearings and investigations can give you confidence when dealing with disciplinary issues, in accordance with the ACAS Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievance and the Equality Act 2010. We can provide support, either helping you to prepare for or attending at disciplinary and appeal hearings.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is about creating a culture free from discrimination, where people feel accepted and valued, which creates a happier and more productive workforce.

Our webinars discuss what these concepts mean in practice and prepare you for the issues that can arise for employers in this area.

Employment contracts review

Our Employment Law team is experienced in helping employers draft and review bespoke and compliant employment contracts, covering a wide range of employment arrangements. Contracts may need to be amended due to changes in the law of because of growth or changes in your business. For a discounted rate of £500 + VAT, we will review your contracts of employment to ensure they are up to date and fully compliant with all aspects of UK employment law.

Review of policies and procedures

It is also good practice for employers to have in place separate workplace policies and procedures, for example covering disciplinary, grievance, absence management, equal opportunities, health and safety, and IT and social media. However, employment law changes regularly, so we can review your policies on to ensure they are still up to date and compliant with employment legislation. For further information about our discounted rates, please give our team a call on 03330 430 350 or complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you.

Insight from Debbie Fellows, Employment Law Partner. For more information contact Debbie or any member of the Employment team on 03330 430350.

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For more information, contact Debbie Fellows or any member of the Employment team on 03330 166582.