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Forth Road Bridge Closure Top tips for staying safe this festive season

Forth Road Bridge Closure  Top tips for staying safe this festive season

With the recent closure of the Forth Road Bridge, it is important to bear in mind the difficulties and dangers which can unfortunately often lead to accidents on the road.

With thousands of vehicles being displaced to diversions using roads that were not particularly built for such high volume traffic, there have been and will likely continue to be delays and frustration facing drivers. We’ve outlined a few tips to try and avoid finding yourself in trouble on the roads this Christmas.

  1. Plan Ahead

We know the bridge is closed with it due to be reopened on 4 January. For those travelling over the Festive season, make sure that you plan your journey carefully. Remember to take into account the added journey time as well as the need for any extra fuel to cover the added mileage of diversions or sitting in a traffic jam. It is always advisable to have some emergency supplies in your vehicle including a blanket, first aid kit and some water.

  1. Take A Break

Take a break to stretch your legs and have a bite to eat or drink. Eating or drinking behind the wheel can be a huge distraction so make sure you take a break for your refreshments. With around 20% of accidents on major roads caused by drivers fatigue including tiredness or even falling asleep at the wheel (, taking a break can also help to limit the risk of serious injury to not only you but other road users as a consequence. If you start to feel tired, stop for a rest before continuing on with your journey.

  1. Drive With Care

Whilst many of us do get frustrated when driving whether it be continued bad luck at traffic lights or concerns over the driving standard of others, it is important to remain calm and don’t let this impact your own driving. A recent study by Privilege Insurance, published in July 2015, suggested that as many as 74% of drivers vent their frustrations on other drivers. ( ). Always make sure you leave an appropriate stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front to allow for any unexpected or emergency stops. When driving on country roads you never know when you might come across a traffic jam around a bend and have to slow or even stop suddenly. Many of the diverted routes will be unfamiliar to those using them so it is important that everyone drives with consideration and patience during this time.

In the unfortunate event you are caught up in a road traffic accident during the festive period make sure you take a note of the registration and insurance details of all vehicles involved along with the names and addresses, including of the third party driver(s), and any witnesses.

For further information, contact Lynsay McFarlane on 01382 346792 or  Alternatively, contact the Personal Injury Team on 01382 229111 who will be pleased to assist further. 

Posted by Lynsay McFarlane

Senior Solicitor

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