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Individuals and Families

Family life is not always straightforward. This is especially true for the increasing number of people who live their lives across national borders and who can face complicated visa difficulties every time they want to see their families.

How can Thorntons help?

Our expert Immigration Law team have worked with many individuals and families over the years and have made almost every type of visa and nationality application imaginable. We can advise on almost every type of immigration and visa issue that families face and we are experts in using international human rights law and European free movement laws to reunite families forcibly separated by borders.

Working closely with colleagues in our Family Law, Tax Law and Property teams, we can assist you with all aspects of relocating to Scotland and the UK. We can also assist when things are tough – such as by advising on the immigration implications following divorce, separation or death of a partner.

Our services include:

  • Immigration advice on bringing partners to the UK from abroad – husbands, wives, civil partners, unmarried partners and same sex partners
  • Assistance keeping partners in the UK and fighting removal/forced separation in the courts
  • Advice on the validity of foreign marriages
  • Advice on the immigration implications of divorce and access to children
  • Nationality advice, including for children born to parents of different nationalities
  • Advice on adopting from abroad (international adoptions) and bringing children to the UK
  • Advice on Surrogacy and the immigration requirements of bring a child to the UK
  • Advice on reuniting family members including children, parents, grandparents and other dependent relatives
  • Advice on family visits and conducting visitor appeals at court

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