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“I wouldn’t guarantee it”

Granting a personal guarantee for company obligations can seem innocuous when securing initial credit or funding for a…

Posted on 6th March 2019

Agricultural insurable risks and legal expenses cover.

I recently concluded a court action relating to glyphosate contamination of potatoes where, amongst other things, the issue…

Posted on 16th October 2018

The Right to Privacy Advanced or Diminution of Freedom of the Press?

The recent case of Sir Cliff Richard v BBC has sent a clear message that individuals have a right to privacy at the…

Posted on 2nd August 2018

Potatoes in Peril - The Dangers of Crop Spray Drift

Glyphosate is the number one selling weed killer globally. Its use continues to be topical and indeed, controversial. In November 2017,…

Posted on 9th March 2018

When roads attack. “Potzilla” claims 20 victims in Laurencekirk.

Burt, it's under the ground! It's an underground monster!”  I admit, I’m mixing my monster movies here, but it’s hard…

Posted on 7th March 2018

Trump cries Wolff… or at least tries to sue him.

Can your personal opinion ever be classed as defamation of another individual?

Over the past week, the media spotlight has been…

Posted on 10th January 2018

Nuisance Neighbours - remedies are available

Living next door or in the same street with someone who intends to cause you and everyone else harm by their antisocial behaviour can…

Posted on 27th November 2017

Record fine for Alton Towers Health and Safety Failings

Merlin Attractions Operations Ltd has been fined a potentially record breaking fine of £5 Million after admitting to Health and Safety…

Posted on 27th September 2017

Flight Risk - Ryanair announce the cancellation of hundreds of flights

How have you been affected by Ryanair's flight cancellations? It is estimated that around 18 million passengers have been hit by the…

Posted on 19th September 2017

Lets's not Discount the Human Cost of Decommissioning

It is estimated that decommissioning the UK’s oil and gas infrastructure will cost £47 BILLION between now and 2050.

With the…

Posted on 1st March 2017

Driving whilst using a mobile phone harsher sentences.

With effect from 1 March 2017, drivers in Scotland, England & Wales will face harsher penalties for driving whilst using a mobile…

Posted on 23rd February 2017

Personal Insolvency a new era?

From 30 November 2016, the law governing personal insolvency has been consolidated into a new piece of legislation, the Bankruptcy (…

Posted on 16th December 2016

Thorntons partner appointed to prestigious European football post

Anne McKeown, a partner in the firm's Angus offices, has been selected to represent the Scottish Football Association (SFA) on the UEFA…

Posted on 4th August 2015

Legal Highs and the Psychoactive Substances Bill

Psychoactive drugs, much more commonly known as 'legal highs', are at the heart of an industry which the Home Office recently estimated…

Posted on 12th June 2015

Could Motorists Face Financial Penalties for Parking Vehicles on the Pavements?

A bill has been proposed to the Scottish Parliament whereby motorists would face a financial penalty for parking vehicles on pavements,…

Posted on 25th May 2015

Simplifying Cross Border Court Actions

To most people or businesses, the prospect of commencing a court action in a foreign court conjures up images of delay, expense and…

Posted on 13th April 2015

New Drink Driving Limits - An Economic Hangover

Last year, Scotland was introduced to new legislation lowering the legal drink-drive limit from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood.…

Posted on 7th April 2015

Potato traders advice line launched by Thorntons and BPTA

Legal advice line launched by Thorntons and the British Potato Trade Association (BPTA).

The two organisations have partnered to…

Posted on 30th May 2014

MSI member partnership working progresses international case

MSI member, Thorntons, progresses an international case, worth $500k, after seeking the assistance of its peers in India.

Posted on 30th April 2014