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Annual Leave Requests and Religious Observance Handle with Care

Easter is almost upon us which signals a long weekend for most.

In the UK public holidays take account of Christian…

Posted on 12th April 2017

Changes to Off-Payroll Working in the Public Sector

In light of the Government’s commitment to reducing the tax gap arising from off-payroll working arrangements, there are new rules for…

Posted on 10th April 2017

Mark Beaumont set to smash records with 80 days world cycle

Thorntons sponsor cycling star Mark Beaumont as he cycles around Britain in preparation for his attempt to cycle the world.

Posted on 3rd April 2017

Accidents Abroad

With spring upon us, and summer not too far away, many of us are beginning to make holiday plans.
If the recent news about the…

Posted on 20th March 2017

Living Wills - Something to consider?

As people live longer and medical science continues to make huge advances, it becomes all the more important to consider the treatment…

Posted on 17th March 2017

No Compensation for Disabled Man Born From Incestuous Rape

Caroline Kelly, Personal Injury Partner discusses the judgement of a recent case in which a disabled man was born from incestuous rape…

Posted on 15th March 2017

Discount Rate Reduced

As the Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss reveals the outcome of the discount rate review, Personal Injury partner Caroline Kelly discusses…

Posted on 27th February 2017

Confidentiality when Obtaining Employment Advice

it’s a Privilege only your Solicitor can Guarantee
A solicitor has a fundamental legal and professional duty to preserve and…

Posted on 21st February 2017

Drones: Taking Farming to New Heights?

The recent explosion in the popularity of drones has not escaped the agricultural world, with many farmers recognising the benefits that…

Posted on 20th February 2017

Commercial Leases in a Modern Scotland

For years, commercial property solicitors in Scotland have sought a standard form of commercial lease that would bring a degree of…

Posted on 15th February 2017

Deed of Variation

A couple of years ago, it looked like the demise of Deeds of Variation was on the cards following the Chancellor of the time, triggering…

Posted on 15th February 2017

No Wining for the Seller

Scotland’s capital is currently undergoing a Sellers’ Market boom.

Following the recent release of T2, Edinburgh has been…

Posted on 15th February 2017

Rise in Recruitment of Temporary Staff

A recent survey highlights the Scottish jobs market has seen a substantial decline in people starting full-time jobs and there is a…

Posted on 9th February 2017

Challenges Faced by Young Farmers Starting Out

The Royal Bank of Scotland last week urged action to aid young farmers to get on the farming ladder.

It is encouraging…

Posted on 7th February 2017

Beavers Granted Leave to Remain in Scotland

The Scottish Government has now confirmed that, following a formal Habitats Regulations Assessment, the beavers’ specification as a…

Posted on 25th January 2017

Can Type 2 Diabetes be a Disability?

According to Diabetes UK, there are now 3.9 million people in the UK who are diagnosed with diabetes, and an anticipated 1.1 million…

Posted on 20th January 2017

Mountain Biking Instructor Ordered to Pay Damages to Paralysed Solicitor

Coaches have to carry out proper assessments of the skills and capabilities of those they are teaching.

Following on from my…

Posted on 19th January 2017

Footballers Ordered to Pay Compensation to Rape Victim

Civil action against footballers David Goodwillie and David Robertson is the first civil rape case of its kind in Scotland and has…

Posted on 18th January 2017

General Data Protection Regulation - What does it mean for public authorities and public bodies?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is set to significantly revamp current data protection laws; due to take effect in…

Posted on 13th January 2017

Festive Enforcement Campaign Shows Increase in Drink Driving

Over the festive period, Police Scotland ran a four-week enforcement campaign coinciding with a Scottish government awareness campaign…

Posted on 11th January 2017

How a change in circumstances can affect your Will

Sir Mick Jagger has led a Rock and Roll life style for over 50 years with his life regularly being documented in the press. Whether it…

Posted on 10th January 2017