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Immigration | Skilled Workers and Health and Care Worker Visa

Immigration | Skilled Workers and Health and Care Worker Visa

The Health and Care Worker visa was launched in August 2020 to allow medical professionals to come to or stay in the UK. Since then the government announced that home care workers and other care staff will become eligible for the Health and Care Visa to assist with shortages of qualified staff in the care sector, making more care staff eligible for fast-track UK visas.

In this webinar, Immigration Solicitor Louise Crichton reviewed the requirements for the Skilled Worker Visa and the Health and Care Workers Visa route.

The webinar covered:
  • Updates on the Health and Care Visa,
  • Skilled Worker visa,
  • Recruiting overseas care workers
  • How to become a Home Office sponsor

If you have questions or concerns about Visa routes for health and care workers please contact Louise on 03330 430350

Broadcast: 30 November 2022. The content in this webinar, guidance and advice provided by the host, is correct at the time of broadcast. If you are watching a recording after the broadcast date please contact us for the most up to date guidance and advice on this topic.

About the host

Louise Crichton
Louise Crichton

Louise Crichton

Senior Solicitor

Immigration & Visas

For more information, contact Louise Crichton or any member of the Immigration & Visas team on 0141 483 9020.