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26 Sep, 2016

Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month and the 10th of September is now recognised internationally as annual World Suicide Prevention Day.

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19 Sep, 2016

Funding the Cost of Care: How safe is my house?

The cost of residential care for the elderly has again been under scrutiny by the media in recent weeks

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24 Aug, 2016

Why you should make a Will.

Many adults in Scotland still don't have a Will. Private Client Solicitor Megan Sweeney answers some of the questions often asked by clients.

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15 Aug, 2016

Protection of Assets through Trusts

The sudden death of the Duke of Westminster has thrown trusts and inheritance tax into the spotlight again.

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08 Aug, 2016

Death and taxes ... and taxes on death?

As the saying goes, only two things in life are certain; death and taxes.

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04 Aug, 2016

What happens when a family member dies without a Will?

Figures continue to show that more than two thirds of the population don't have a Will.

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02 Aug, 2016

Brexit: what now for your personal affairs?

It has now been over a month since 52% of UK voters voted to leave the EU. Since then we have been on a political rollercoaster with various politicians unexpectedly stepping down and the shape of the country’s future looking very uncertain.

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26 Aug, 2015

Cecil The Lion’s Legacy Lives On…

The news that Cecil the Lion had been killed in Zimbabwe has grabbed the attention of the world in the past few weeks. Like when many tragic events hit the headlines, people look for a way that they can help to make a difference.

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11 Aug, 2015

Proposed Changes to Legal Rights in Scotland

Following the recent landmark disinheritance case in England and considering proposed amendments to Legal Rights in Scotland, Private Client Partner, Murray Etherington looks at Legal Rights and how the proposed changes may affect you.

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29 Jul, 2015

A Scottish View on Landmark English Disinheritance case

Private Client Partner, Murray Etherington looks at the landmark case of Heather Ilot who successfully claimed against her mothers estate after being disinherited.

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