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26 Jan, 2015

New developments on the European trade mark landscape

The office that deals with trade mark applications in the EU (or 'OHIM') has said that it would be likely to object to any speculative trade mark applications for "Je suis Charlie" due to "overriding public interest".

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21 Jan, 2015

Children's parties – a legal minefield?

If you organised a party for five year-olds at a ski slope and some didn't turn up, would you invoice the no-shows for a share of the bill?

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16 Jan, 2015

I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my Facebook postings....or is it?

Intellectual Property Solicitor stresses the importance of knowing exactly what you've signed up for before sharing content on social networks.

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13 Jan, 2015

The Internet of Things: How Private and Safe will it be?

As technology advances, is data being processed in the correct way, and are we protecting data from misuse?

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25 Mar, 2014

Boost for UK’s Digital Technology Industry

Britain's booming digital technology sector has just received some long awaited good news from the UK government this month.

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17 Nov, 2013

Consumer law reform in the UK

Important changes are being made in the area of consumer law in the UK, as a result of consumer law reform at EU level.

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07 Nov, 2013

Who owns the contacts on Social Networks?

Social media is being used by more and more businesses to advertise their services and reach out to new clients, with many employers actively encouraging their employees to use the various platforms on their behalf.

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05 Nov, 2013

European Commission Cybersecurity

The European Commission has published its proposal for legislation that will ensure a common level of network and information security across the EU, alongside its cybersecurity strategy.

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25 Aug, 2013

Direct Marketing

The Information Commissioner's Office has issued several monetary penalties in 2013 to companies that have failed to abide by legal rules concerning direct marketing.

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21 Aug, 2013

Misleading special offers: Tesco fined for ‘half price’ strawberry promo

This week saw Tesco fined £300,000 for breaching the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

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