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16 Mar, 2015

The battle of the gold bears

The confectionery manufacturing titans – Haribo and Lindt – are locked in an ongoing trade mark battle which has now reached Germany's highest court in civil matters (BGH).

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13 Mar, 2015

Don’t be a Nuisance

With effect from the 6 April 2015, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) will no longer require to prove “substantial damage or substantial distress” before taking action against companies making nuisance calls and sending spam texts.

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12 Mar, 2015

Who owns the trade mark 'PINTEREST'

The Board of Appeal at the European Trade Mark Office disagrees with the decision that social media site, Pinterest doesn't own the trade mark "PINTEREST".

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06 Mar, 2015

Improved Protection for Businesses facing threats of IP Infringement

The UK Government has announced plans to improve protection for businesses by reforming the law on groundless threats of IP infringement

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25 Feb, 2015

Copyright and design rights: a relationship in trouble?

The government has announced plans to effect the repeal of section 52 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 "s.52".

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20 Feb, 2015

Who owns IP created by a third Party?

The company behind Innocent Smoothies has fallen foul of the basic rules of brand creation and protection.

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13 Feb, 2015

Corruption in West Africa, Journalism and Data Protection

Non-media organisation granted 'special purposes exemption for journalism' by ICO for the first time.

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28 Jan, 2015

The Importance of Branding

Brands are built on many factors, whether it is the visual elements of the brand - the colour, logo, design or the ingredients in products. IP specialist Loretta Maxfield looks at the importance of a brand and the consequences of negative impacts.

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27 Jan, 2015

Don’t let your trade mark get lost in translation!

IP Specialist warns businesses to beware of community trade mark where the translation of a mark might encroach upon a third party's registration.

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27 Jan, 2015

Rihanna v Topshop – Same Again

Rihanna's unbeaten run against Arcadia/ Topshop has continued with the Court of Appeal upholding a decision from 2013 that Topshop's sale of T-shirts carrying her image constituted unlawful passing-off.

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