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14 Aug, 2017

Report to consider economic and social impact of the UK leaving the European Union.

In July 2017 the UK Government commissioned the independent Migration Advisory Committee to report on the economic and social impact of the UK leaving the European Union. The report will also consider how the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial society.

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06 Jun, 2017

Protecting your immigration interests: The General Election 2017

With the General Election fast approaching, political parties across the UK have been releasing their manifestos, pledging what their Parliament will offer in leading the United Kingdom through the course of leaving the European Union.

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11 Jan, 2017

Visitor Visas are Vital

Jamie Kerr, Immigration partner at Thorntons discusses the reason visitor visas are essential.

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09 Jan, 2017

The Difficulties of Deporting Diplomats

Jamie Kerr, a partner at Thorntons specialising in immigration law touches on the practicalities of deporting diplomats.

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22 Feb, 2016

UK Visa Improvements for Indian Nationals

Following Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK in November 2015, the UK Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire has announced various visa package improvements for Indian nationals.

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16 Feb, 2016

British expats living in EU may lose special immigration status under PM’s Euro re-negotiations

David Cameron’s draft Euro re-negotiation deal would amend EU law relating to the free movement of citizens and their right to seek work in another Member State.

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16 Feb, 2016

Company director handed disqualification for employing illegal workers

The director of a UK company has been disqualified from acting as a director for 7 years as a result of employing illegal workers.

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15 Feb, 2016

Digital Tech industry suffering from skills shortage Committee warn

Report calls for urgent action from the Government to tackle digital skills shortage.

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05 Feb, 2016

Immigration Health Surcharge extended to Australia and New Zealand

From the 6 April 2016, nationals of both Australia and New Zealand will be required to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) as part of their visa application.

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29 Jan, 2016

Scottish Parliament debate controversial Immigration Bill

Thorntons Immigration team attended Scottish Parliament last week to hear a Chamber Debate on the constitutional implications and impact of the Immigration Bill 2015 on Scotland.

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