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30 Oct, 2017

Surrogacy: An alternative to the IVF Postcode Lottery?

News this week has highlighted that following a recent Freedom of Information Request, nearly 90% of NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in England fail to offer the recommended three cycles of IVF treatment to couples trying to conceive.

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11 Sep, 2017

Re-registering the Hatches

A recent article in a regional English newspaper that has been doing the rounds on Facebook has caused some concern for parents who think they have to re-register the birth of their child if they married after the birth of the child.

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04 Jul, 2017

New 'revenge porn' law comes into force in Scotland

New laws have come in to force in Scotland intended to make it easier to bring criminal charges against those involved in “revenge porn”. The Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016 is designed to provide a specific crime for perpetrators of revenge porn.

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23 Jun, 2017

The Named Person Scheme - Good Cop / Bad Cop

As one part of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, the Named Person scheme has certainly courted some controversy.

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12 Apr, 2017

Who Would Volunteer These Days?

More specifically, who would be a volunteer at a children's club or an organisation like The Scouts?

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05 Apr, 2017

Unhappy marriage not grounds for Divorce.

The recent highly publicised English appeal case of Owens v Owens has created a media frenzy. Mrs Owens remains trapped in a loveless marriage and how awful of the judge for not granting a divorce.

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24 Mar, 2017

Sun, Sea and Separation

Holidaying with Kids After a Break Up

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10 Mar, 2017

Domestic Abuse – No Excuse

National figures show that women who are subjected to domestic abuse are five times more likely to attempt suicide than those who are not.

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28 Feb, 2017

Civil Partnerships for All?

Last week, Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, from London lost their Court of Appeal case, in which they sought the right to be able to enter into a civil partnership, instead of a marriage.

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28 Feb, 2017

Pension Rights for Cohabitees Following Landmark Judgment

On 8 February 2017, the Supreme Court issued a significant ruling extending the pension rights for cohabiting couples which affects cohabiting couples across the UK.

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