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14 Oct, 2016

Further Development in the Ongoing Saga of Holiday Pay

Court of Appeal dismissed British Gas’ appeal and affirmed an earlier decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the case of British Gas Trading Ltd v Lock

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05 Oct, 2016

National Minimum Wage Increase 2016

1 October 2016 marked the introduction of new rates for the National Minimum Wage (NMW).

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24 Aug, 2016

Discriminatory Job Adverts: Are they an Opportunity for Claims?

Drafting job adverts can prove challenging for recruiters. Getting the right balance between details of the job role and the selection criteria; while making your advert stand out from the competition can leave recruiters exposed to potential claims for discrimination.

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04 Aug, 2016

Crystal balls, mind reading and dismissals

Can an employee be dismissed for making a protected disclosure, even if the person dismissing the employee is unaware a disclosure was made?

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29 Jul, 2016

To wear or not to wear that is the question?

Is a ban on religious clothing in the workplace discriminatory or can it be justified as a legitimate occupational requirement?

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20 Jul, 2016

Taxi to the employment tribunal please! - Uber faces court action over employment status of its drivers.

The world’s largest provider of taxis is in an Employment Tribunal in London facing claims by its drivers that they are workers and entitled to certain protections under UK employment law including payment of the national minimum wage, paid holidays and potentially sick pay.

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11 Jul, 2016

How much HR involvement is too much?

Employers with HR departments understandably seek support from HR when disciplining employees but it is important that they do not become the decision maker.

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04 Jul, 2016

Is reading an employee’s personal messages at work breach of privacy?

You may have heard about the case of Barbulescu v Romania which was widely reported in the media as it appeared to give employers the go ahead to read personal emails their employees have sent at work.

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28 Jun, 2016

When can an employer dismiss an employee who is not as unwell as they claim?

In a recent case the Employment Appeal Tribunal held an employee’s dismissal for exaggerating his illness was fair.

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24 Jun, 2016

Brexit – An Employment Armageddon??

The unthinkable happened yesterday – at least for 48% of UK voters – the UK has voted to exit from the European Union.

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