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24 Mar, 2017

Sun, Sea and Separation

Holidaying with Kids After a Break Up

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20 Mar, 2017

Accidents Abroad

With spring upon us, and summer not too far away, many of us are beginning to make holiday plans.

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17 Mar, 2017

Living Wills - Something to consider?

As people live longer and medical science continues to make huge advances, it becomes all the more important to consider the treatment you would wish to receive at the end of your life, if you are diagnosed with a debilitating condition or suffer a catastrophic injury.

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15 Mar, 2017

No Compensation for Disabled Man Born From Incestuous Rape

Caroline Kelly, Personal Injury Partner discusses the judgement of a recent case in which a disabled man was born from incestuous rape.

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14 Mar, 2017

Will the Introduction of a Pursuer’s Offer Lead to Early Settlements?

From 3 April 2017, Pursuer’s Offers can be used in Ordinary Cause Sheriff Court actions (actions for over £5,000) and in the Court of Session.

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10 Mar, 2017

Domestic Abuse – No Excuse

National figures show that women who are subjected to domestic abuse are five times more likely to attempt suicide than those who are not.

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09 Mar, 2017

The Legal Profession, Working Women and International Womens Day

Partner, Caroline Kelly joined the debate to discuss the statement; ‘This house believes the legal profession has failed working women’.

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03 Mar, 2017

Zero Hours Contracts at Record Levels

Analysis of the Office of National Statistics figures reported by the BBC indicate the number of people in the UK on zero hours contracts has reached its highest ever level.

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01 Mar, 2017

Self Injury Awareness Day

Self injury or self harm is a topic that has generated a lot of public myths over the years

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01 Mar, 2017

Lets's not Discount the Human Cost of Decommissioning

It is estimated that decommissioning the UK’s oil and gas infrastructure will cost £47 BILLION between now and 2050.

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