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08 Dec 2017

Scottish Government introduce a change to their home ownership schemes

The Scottish Government has introduced a change to their home ownership schemes.

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07 Dec 2017

Indefinite carry over of unpaid annual leave approved by European Court

All employees and workers in the UK are entitled to be paid for 5.6 weeks holiday per year.

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06 Dec 2017

The importance of Living Wills

Private Client solicitor, Graeme Dickson highlights the benefits of a Living Will, following the recent case of a lady who had aggressive life sustaining treatment imposed against her wishes and contrary to specific directions she had given.

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05 Dec 2017

Glass Half Full?

5 December 2017 marks the third anniversary of the reduction of the legal drink-driving limits in Scotland.

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04 Dec 2017

A Power of Attorney: The Best Insurance Policy Money Can Buy

Becoming incapable isn’t something that people tend to think about, or plan for in advance.

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