Data Protection and Privacy

The collection, use and sharing of personal information is on the rise.  

Personal information is any information which either on its own, or accompanied with other information, can be used to identify a living person. As a business you need to work within the guidelines of the law when collecting, storing and using personal information. Is the personal information you are collecting right for your business? Can it be used as an asset for your business? Did you know that as a business you may need to deal with the Information Commissioner’s Office?

With personal information collected and hosted on a number of different systems within a business, great care must be taken in how this data is stored and used for communications including email, internet, traditional mailing lists and even CCTV systems.

Anyone collecting, storing and using personal information should be aware of the potential costs and reputational damage that may arise as a result of a contravention of data protection laws.  No matter what size of business you operate, whether it is a national organisation with thousands of customers or a high street shop, the same guidelines still apply.

How can Thorntons help?

At Thorntons, our expertise in this field means that we can advise you on application of the Data Protection Act, contracting with data processors, selling or buying personal information, use of personal devices by employees for processing personal data - all helping to ensure that your business complies with the relevant regulations.

As an individual, you need to be aware of the information being collected about you and how it is intended to be used. There are also rights that you have in respect of your personal information. We can advise on how to exercise those rights and what your options and rights are if you think your personal information is being misused.

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