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We do

Whether it’s a personal matter or a business issue, at some point in your life you’ll need to call upon expert legal advice. From the joy of buying a new home to the difficulties of a marriage breakdown; from corporate finance advice to selling a business, there are all sorts of circumstances – good and bad – where you’ll need our help.

As one of Scotland’s most respected full service legal and property firms, we’re well equipped to provide you with all the expert legal advice you may need.

We go to great lengths to understand your specific requirements. We can then draw upon our wide range of services: and deliver a comprehensive solution that’s right for you.

We do awesome

There’s nothing like the feeling of securing your dream home. A place you can call your own - whether you are a first time buyer or you’re moving up the property ladder.

At Thorntons we have a range of services that cover all aspects of buying and selling a property.  From making that all important offer to handing you your keys, our dedicated property teams make the process as stress free and seamless as we can.  We work closely with our estate agency colleagues to offer a comprehensive property service all under one roof.

We do tears

There are many legal issues we all encounter in our lives. But it’s those where children are involved that have the greatest impact on us as parents or grandparents. Child custody issues, such as residency and contact, fostering and surrogacy, matters at school; they all require a great deal of sensitivity.

At Thorntons Family Law, we’re able to provide expert legal advice that’s right for your circumstances: advice that is equally supportive for both parents and children.

We do conflict

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out how we planned it. In some cases of separation, couples remain on good terms and any issues can be sorted without the need of a solicitor. Whereas in some cases, communication may have broken down altogether.

At Thorntons Family Law we are specially trained in negotiating under a variety of dispute situations. Our tried and tested ways of resolving problems will hopefully find a solution that is right for both you, and your partner.

We do mud

The rural sector is an ever-changing landscape that brings its own unique challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s managing large estates for future generations, or diversifying land use, specialist legal expertise is crucial in such matters.

At Thorntons, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and get stuck into whatever issue you may need us for. However, it’s not only important we understand the law that affects the rural industry; it’s important we understand the industry itself.

We do pain

Being in a road traffic accident or an accident at work is always something you think happens to someone else. Unfortunately, one day that someone else may be you. An unexpected collision or incident in the workplace can have a short and long term affect on your finances.

Our specialist team of Personal Injury Lawyers can guide you through all aspects of making a compensation claim for any injury sustained; as well as for other losses such as earnings, private medical and out of pocket, we offer a No Win, No Fee arrangement for claims.

We do brave

Whether your business is in the emerging technology and innovation sector or is experiencing high growth, no successful business stays still. As your business expands or changes, its commercial priorities may require you to reorganise your workforce arrangements.

Developing and growing a business takes courage. With potentially big changes afoot, our Business Law team can help you make those brave decisions: from advising at start up stage to helping you manage employees through a reorganisation of your business.

We do tough

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes; in different sectors, both private and public. One thing they all have in common, is that the people running those businesses need to make the right decisions at the right time.

At Thorntons our clear and commercially focussed advice helps takes business further. Our expert lawyers will give you the complete legal picture and help you see the way ahead. Whether it’s managing your estates or your people, we can advise you on what’s right for you.

We do futures

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Being prepared for whatever life may throw at you not only gives you peace of mind, but offers reassurance to others that should anything untoward happen, everything will be taken care of.

Our Private Client team can help you plan for and deal with life’s changes. From planning for the future, putting your affairs in order or dealing with an unexpected change in circumstances, we do all we can to help you deal with a family bereavement.

We do dreams

Most people call them ‘life moments’. Those pivotal times when something extraordinary happens, when dreams come true.

At Thorntons, we like to help make those dreams become a reality. From helping to launch a start up, landing new business premises, or securing extra investment, we can provide all the support and legal advice that’s right for you and your business; to help it grow and prosper.

Thorntons. Doing what’s right for over 150 years

Thorntons’ roots can be traced back to 1857. Over the generations, Thorntons has grown significantly and we now have offices across Scotland in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Perth and Angus.

As well as providing high quality advice and exceptional client care, we play an active role in supporting the communities we serve.  Either by providing rewarding careers or giving something back through our support of social causes and charitites.

We don’t do this because we have to; we do it because it’s the right thing to do.