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Safety Matters as Clocks Change

Safety Matters as Clocks Change

It’s the time of year when the clocks fall back, meaning evenings are darker sooner. Drivers will have to adjust to driving in the dark whilst pedestrians and other road users also require to be extra vigilant. Accident rates tend to increase at this time of year and failing to look properly is one of the biggest contributing factors.

So what can drivers do to reduce the risk of a car accident?

  • Keep windows clean and free from anything which could restrict visibility, such as frost and snow – that peep hole at the driver’s side isn’t enough;
  • Ensure lights are clean and working properly;
  • Check tyres are not worn and are at the correct pressure.

What about cyclists and motorbike riders?

  • wear bright-coloured or fluorescent clothing to make themselves easily seen;
  • ensure lights are clean and working properly;
  • wear a helmet.

Pedestrians can also take steps to stay safe and prevent a car crash by :-

  • wearing bright coloured clothing;
  • using traffic crossings where available; and
  • make sure you check roads are clear before crossing

All drivers, cyclists, motorbike riders and pedestrians should be aware of their surroundings and other persons using the road, particularly as there are likely to be more motorists on the road at this time of year as people increase vehicle usage due to poor weather and darker days.

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