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06 Jul, 2016

Domestic abuse: not always behind closed doors

Recent media coverage has highlighted the unfortunate situation of domestic abuse and the separation of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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24 Mar, 2016

Family Law specialist Stephen Brand, gives evidence at Scottish Parliament on possible family law reform

Family Law Partner Stephen Brand was invited to give evidence about the Family Law Scotland Act 2006 and how it is working in practice for clients.

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04 Mar, 2016

Putting the Children's Needs First

Upon separation or divorce, one of the main concerns for parents is who will be the children’s primary carer?

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20 Jan, 2016

New Bill set to Criminalise the Distribution of Intimate Pictures

A new bill is currently proceeding through the Scottish Parliament which seeks to criminalise the distribution of a person’s intimate private images without their consent, commonly referred to as “revenge porn.”

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18 Jan, 2016

Marriage v. Cohabitation

With cohabiting couple families on the increase, family law solicitor Cheryl Wallace considers the different rights of cohabiting and married couples.

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12 Jun, 2015

The 40 year Itch

Divorce rate for the over 65's has doubled in the last decade.

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28 May, 2015

Care or Contempt?

On 27 March 2015 two social workers previously found in contempt of Court for failing to allow contact between a mother and her children had their appeal allowed by the Inner House of the Court of Session.

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14 May, 2015

Establishing Parentage and the Implications

In a recent landmark case, a university lecturer, who was deceived by his wife into thinking that he was the father of the son she gave birth to following in vitro fertilisation, has been awarded £40,000 in damages.

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12 May, 2015

Top Tips for keeping Divorce Costs to a Minimum

With the recent Legal Aid cuts in England and Wales and regular speculation in the press that applying for divorce can be an unexpected expense, we wanted to share some useful tips which can help to try to keep legal costs to a minimum.

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02 Apr, 2015

Pension Freedom and Divorce

From 6 April 2015, new pension reforms will be introduced in the UK, which will give some pension holders greater freedom over how they spend, save or invest their pension pot.

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