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20 Nov, 2017

Uber drivers entitled to specific employment protections following Tribunal ruling - Update

Employment Appeal Tribunal has rejected Uber's appeal against the Employment Tribunal's original decision.

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11 Aug, 2017

Inclusion of Voluntary Overtime in Holiday Pay

In a landmark decision by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) in the case of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council v Willetts and others, it was held that regular voluntary overtime should be included when calculating holiday pay.

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09 Aug, 2017

Hiring and firing employees – UK Laws

With all of the recent headlines regarding the dismissals and resignations within the White House, it seems topical to consider the laws in the UK and the risks of simply ‘firing’ an employee.

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28 Jul, 2017

The end of Tribunal Fees?

In a significant ruling on 26 July 2017, the Supreme Court unanimously decided that the issue and hearing fees, which were introduced to the Employment Tribunal in 2013, were in fact unlawful and the legislation that introduced them should subsequently be quashed.

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14 Jul, 2017

The Taylor ‘Good Work’ Report of the gig economy: the key points

Partner Debbie Fellows discusses the key points from the recent Taylor 'Good Work' Report.

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26 Jun, 2017

Father Friendly Rights – Are the cards stacked against them?

Earlier this month the TUC published research showing that over one quarter of the UK’s 625,000 working fathers did not qualify either for statutory paternity leave or paternity pay.

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09 Jun, 2017

What is Flexible Working?

Our specialist Employment Law team discuss flexible working and the implications it has for Employers.

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08 Jun, 2017

Employment Matters: The General Election 2017

With the General Election 2017 taking place today the Thorntons Employment Law team examines the implications of an MP losing office and the result of the General Election on employment matters currently being considered by the UK Parliament.

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06 Jun, 2017

Holiday Pay: No Holiday for Tribunal Claims

Employment Law specialist Noele McClelland looks at recent cases which have been shaped by claims involving holiday pay.

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25 May, 2017

Learning Points for Approaching Stress-at-work

Employment Law specialists provide key points of consideration when dealing with Stress-at-work.

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