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Employment Law Webinar | Employment Law Update

Are you ready for IR35?

As HR professionals and senior managers, you know only too well the importance of keeping up to date with employment laws and how they may impact on your business. Employment law is a fast moving area and it is vital that your HR and management teams understand the implications of new legislation and implement changes effectively.

This Employment Law Update will provide an overview of significant developments as well as acting as a reminder for what’s coming up in 2021. Join Employment Law Senior Solicitor, Stephanie Gallacher for a one hour webinar which will provide you with practical tips and advice on how to prepare for what will be another busy year in employment law.

This webinar will cover:
  • Employment Status: The Supreme Court delivers a definitive ruling on Uber
  • National Minimum Wage: Do sleep-in shifts qualify as work?
  • Holiday Pay: No right to carry over payment for annual leave previously taken
  • Discrimination:
    • Gender Reassignment and Gender Diversity in the Workplace
    • Harassment and the “Reasonable Steps” Defence – why you should refresh your training

What will I learn?

• Understand key employment laws facing your business
• Be informed on the necessary steps to stay compliant
• Refresh and extend your employment law knowledge while further developing your skills.

Who Should Attend?

• Anyone who has a role in HR
• Managers
• Business owners
• Supervisors and those with HR and people management responsibilities

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